Illuminate Your Neighborhood.

Be the most beautiful home on the block while enhancing your curb appeal with permanent lighting features from RTD Lighting. Being virtually invisible during the day, our low-profile decorative lights give you color and radiance all year round without taking away from your home’s overall aesthetic. And given their 50,000-hour service life, you can rest assured knowing that your lights will last well over a decade with little to no maintenance.

Any Reason. Any Season.

Regardless of how you intend to use them, our permanent residential lights are sure to turn heads in your neighborhood. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion, putting on a holiday spectacle, or something in between, our lights can be configured to accommodate any special event, holiday, theme, or season.

Once installation is complete, we’ll show you how to modify and manage your new lighting display from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. And after familiarizing yourself with the app’s user-friendly interface, all that’s left is to let your imagination run wild.

Looking to make permanent residential lights your next home improvement project? Here are some more reasons as to why it makes a great investment:

  • Boost your curb appeal and give passersby another reason to appreciate your home.
  • Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for friends, family, and visitors.
  • Inspire joy and excitement for upcoming holidays, seasons, and more all year long.
  • Change your permanent lighting display anytime, anywhere, via an intuitive smartphone app.

Residential Features

Brighten up your outdoor spaces while adding color and charisma to your home with RTD Lighting’s permanent residential lights. Whether you’re looking to build up excitement for an upcoming holiday or create a warm and welcoming ambiance, our experienced installation team will work with you to make sure your permanent lighting display looks exactly how you envisioned it.

Here are a few more reasons why permanent residential lights make a great addition to your home:

  • Keep your home and neighbors safer with lights that shine all year long.
  • Adapt to any holiday, event, or promotion all year round with fully customizable colors and sequences.
  • Schedule different themes, colors, and sequences in advance using the app’s easy-to-use calendar feature.
  • Personalize your home with a low-profile lighting arrangement that’s nearly invisible during the day.
  • Save time and money for years to come with energy-saving LED lights that last for over 50,000 hours.
  • Rest assured knowing that our lights and installation both have a 3-year warranty.

Looking to invest in permanent residential lights for your home? Contact RTD Lighting at 651-699-3504 to schedule your free, no-obligation design consultation today!



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