Permanent Lighting

A one-time lighting installation with endless possibilities.

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Custom Lighting That You Control From Anywhere Anytime

With a one-time, permanent installation, you can illuminate every occasion, event, or holiday from anywhere at any time from any web browser, smart phone or tablet using our cloud-based control solution.

Commercial LED Lighting Installation Services in Minneapolis, MN

Manage Lighting for Multiple Properties

Easy-to-Use LED Lights designed for commercial, residential, and municipal properties

Cloud-Based Control Solution

Color-changing LED Lights for homes and businesses in the Twin Cities

Customize Lighting From Any Device

Best Decorative LED Lights for Homes and Businesses

Real-Time Control From Anywhere

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Innovative LED Lighting to Fit Your Mood, Season, or Celebration

RTD Lighting Offers the First Practical and Affordable Application of Color-Changing Lighting that can Communicate any Holiday or Occasion that is Important to You.

RTD Lighting’s color-changing technology makes it easy to select static colors or color-changing scenes. Our permanent lights are perfect for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and any other occasion or event you wish to celebrate. The technology allows you to customize colors, timer options, and program light sequences year-round. Our high-tech control solutions range from localized, on-site controllers to cloud-based solutions controlled from your computer or mobile device.

Our architectural accent lighting system is weatherproof and permanent, which means you won’t have to spend time hanging exterior lights ever again. The cost-saving LED lights are housed inside a decorative molding that blends in with the architecture of your home or building. The lights are barely visible during the day.

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